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The Wind Is Wild This Morning!
December 16, 2007, 11:41 am
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Brrrrrr! I bet it’s cold outside this morning but no snow falling yet.

They say it will snow and then turn to rain.

I got up very early and this is the best time to do things on the pc.

Not again!  I rent and only lived here less than a year ~ Tipsoo and I moved just before

my birthday last year on February 9.

The toilet was fine until they came to clean out the septic tank. The very same day, I

 cleaned out the bathroom and flushed the toilet when it started to over-flow!

 I was there to shut of the water right away although it came up so fast, it did wet the

 floor around the toilet.

The last two times it over-flowed, my ex had come by to bring me something and he

 used the bathroom.

 Both times he didn’t catch it soon enough so the bathroom floor was flooded with about

 an inch of water before he shut it off.

 I was in the kitchen when I heard him yelling to me!

 I’ve left a message for my landlord and hope it can be fixed for good or maybe replaced

 because this is not a good thing!

 The sinks, the bathtub are normal ~ it’s just the toilet that is giving me trouble.

It’s barely 27 degrees out this morning but it’s expected to warm up a little bit.

Looks like a good day to knit and watch tv.

I’ll play tennis ball with Tipsoo inside today.

We would rather be walking or playing frisbee in the backyard.

Namaste,  Ma Tipanna and her furry girl, Nizhoni-Tipsoo

Sunday December 16th already!

SSS *       * SS     @====@    


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