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January 12, 2008, 11:02 am
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What a disappontment to find the Picsfolio site ‘not found’ this morning.

I happen to have a few things to write about and share with other picsfolians and guests

this morning.

We’re having 50 degree temps today but tomorrow evening, we may get some snow.

 The whole winter has been like this ~ frigid cold for a day or two ~ then back to warm-

 er than usual temperatures.

Things aren’t working as usual on my pc lately.

 I’ve got over 18.000 messages that backed-up without my knowledge on Yahoo mail

 and now Picsfolio is not available.

I wish wordpress would have more choices as far as appearance goes.

I also would like more choice in Presentation although I found a couple of backgrounds

I like.

Well, another Saturday and coming next month ~ my rent goes up as we sign a new lease and everything else gets to be a bit more expensive for Ma Tipanna.

I’ll be back but now it’s time to delete most of those messages at Yahoo.

Namaste,  @@@ *      * @@    and    Nizhoni-Tipsoo  @ === @