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November 24, 2008, 11:26 am
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 Cinette-Rose is doing well. She  hasn’t soiled her den for a long time now. I have the aussies on a
 good schedule and that helps a lot.
 The first two weeks were hard.  Rain and mud, not a good time to be outside.  Cinette-Rose had to get
 used to her new family.
 Then after that, I noticed both Nizhoni-Tipsoo and Cinette-Rose scratching up a storm.
 Cinette-Rose came by ground transport with other dogs so she caught fleas.
 After finally giving in and getting some help from the vet, I started fine-tooth combing them every single
 day. I brushed them, washed their bedding and stuffed toys, their brushes and comb daily till we got rid
 of the fleas.
 Did you know there’s a simple formula you can make and spray on your puppies to keep the fleas away?
 Just take a lemon, cut it in slices, drop them into boiling water, let stand all night and the next morning,
 just drain the lemon juice out of the pan and into a squirt bottle. Spray the puppies and let it dry.
 There, how simple can that be!
 I take the girls out as soon as we wake up, usually around 5am and they get a treat, then they play for
 a while and go back to sleep till it’s light outside.
 Mornings are the hardest for me.
 My son Crispin is facing more surgery for cancerous tumors.
 I wish he would listen to my advice but he just does what the doctor tells him, not taking
 charge of his own healing.
 Chemo and surgery are not the only thing you can do.
 It’s important to change your lifestyle comepletely.
 Eating an organic, live-food diet, juicing and taking supplements from the health food store.
 Eating Meat Is Linked To Cancer.
 Visit these websites;
 There you will find sensible alternative ways to heal or stay healthy.
 This will be Crispin’s third surgery in just a year’s time.
 Obviously, the treatments are not working very well.
 Chemo, Radiation and Surgery don’t stop cancers from growing.
 In fact, some believe that they grow cancers.
 The tests that give off Radiation, such as Xrays, Ct Scans, etc cause cancer.
 Ultra-Sound is the only safe way to detect the inner workings of the body.
 The days are shorter and the nights are longer.
 We’ve been in a very cold pattern but now, it’s warming up.
 Unfortunately, with the warmer temperatures comes the rain.
 It’s going to rain tonight into tomorrow.
 I’ve been feeling blue and part of the problem is my ex.
 I depend on him and have no one else to turn to at this time so
 when he does his disappearing act, not answering his phone for days,
 no communication whatever, it hurts me.
 I depend on him because I’m living on a very fixed income and I
 have no car or transportation.
 That’s a hard place to be for me.
 I am trying to meet someone through eharmony, Mingles and OKCupid.
 The men who are interested in me are much too young.
 The others are much too old or we are not a match.  lol
 It’s not good to be alone so long but I have my two Australian Shepherds
 and that makes all the difference in the world.
 I ask you, who rescued who?  
 I’m so glad Barack Obama won instead of McCain and Palin.
 At least Obama is for an Alternative Energy Revolution.
 I don’t like his war plans though.
 Go Home Yankee!  Get out of the Middle East.
 Bring the troops home!
 Namaste, Tipanna lives with Nizhoni-Tipsoo and Cinette-Rose
 my beautiful-Nizhoni-Tipsoo ~ 9 years young (2008)

Cinette-Rose comes home!
Cinette-Rose comes home!

Cinette-Rose likes to tease Tipsoo!

First Pictures of Cinette-Rose at the Lake House ~ Tipanna

First Pictures of Cinette-Rose at the Lake House ~ Tipanna


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